If anyone has a real connection, past or present, with the parish then they are usually entitled to be married in either of our two churches. If you wish to be married in either St. Nicholas’ or St. Mary’s churches you should, in the first instance call or email Rev. Mark Pavey, the Team Vicar.  See Contacts page for details.

It is hoped that couples would wish to attend church at least once in order to hear their banns being read.

We do, as a rule, conduct marriage services when one or other of a couple seeking to be married in church has been divorced, but this is subject to satisfactory answers being given to three simple questions which our bishop requires us to ask. The Church is now also required to ascertain that people have the right, through nationality / citizenship, to be married in church.

Wedding services may, or may not (depending on the preferred choices of each couple), include hymns, organist, choir and bells. A full list of the fees can be obtained from the Team Vicar.