The parish welcomes enquiries for baptism (children or adults) as long as there is a reasonable connection with the parish.

There is no rigorous preparation for baptism, although parents (if the candidate is a baby or young child) or candidates themselves will be invited to attend a preparation meeting. It also makes sense (mainly in order that we might get to know you a little) to consider attending a family service or two prior to the date of the baptism (Langley 10.30 am on the second Sunday of the month, or Otham, 10.30 am on the third Sunday of the month). We do not make any charge for the service – we simply ask people to make a reasonable donation in accordance with their own particular means. This goes towards the general upkeep and maintenance of the church.

If you are interested either in being baptised yourself – or having your child or children baptised, and you have a verifiable connection with the parish (past or present), then please ring or email Rev. Mark Pavey, the Team Vicar in order to make the arrangements. See Contacts page for details.

Baptisms are normally held on Sundays at about 12.30 pm and can take place in either of the two churches in the parish.